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This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made. Has an important message and I hope you all share it and enjoy as much as I do. Thanks, guys.

Also if anyone can GIF their favorite quotes from this video and tag it under “jussttom” or “justtom” I’ll reblog it everywhere possible and love you forever<3

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Anonymous asked: Just wanted to share something I found. Its called The Thoughts Room. A place to go and vent in a quiet beautiful place. Google it for yourself. There are also comments about this place on tumblr. Hope this can help someone. It is pretty amazing!


Thank you for mentioning this awesome place:

I knew the Quiet place ( already but I didn’t knew they expanded with more projects. In these busy times it’s nice to know this kind of website to release some tension.

Much Love,

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Museum of the History of Polish Jews Lahdelma & Mahlamäki + Kuryłowicz & Associates

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MDT Residence Jacobsen Arquitetura

Cool way of creating privacy

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Free University of Berlin Library Foster + Partners

Cool idea for design. Corridor on second floor


Quotes About Life #NewPost [19]
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Quotes About Life #NewPost [19]

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